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PCarsDSOverview Window was made to display the current Results of the running Session. The Data will be updated every 15 seconds (depending on settings and traffic) and displayed in the different List Views.


PCarsDSOverview Window can be accessed using the „STAT“ Button in PCDSG TAB 1 on the main GUI:

Alternatively it can be started using any explorer by executing the File „PCarsDSOverview.exe“ located in PCDSG system folder.

PCarsDSOverview Window:

Window is divided in three Sections / List Views (PCDSG 1.1):

ListView - Mouse Right-Click Menu:

On the First List View with the „Current Session Results“ it will display all the available informations. By right Click on a name the Menu will pop up with different function.

Available options: Steam Profile, Driver Information, Kick, Ban [10 minutes], Ban [1 hour],Ban [24 hours], Ban [24 hours]


  1. Save as .xls File - Saves the displayed Results of the current running Session as Microsoft Excel .xls File.
  2. Save as .txt File - Saves the displayed Results of the current running Session as text .txt File.
  3. Delete PitStops - Deletes all saved PitStops for all Drivers and starts counting from 0.
  4. Delete Penalty & Expirience Points - Deletes all saved Penalty & Expirience Points.
  5. Delete ListView content - Deletes displayed content of the ListView.

ListView - User History:

On the second List View it shows all user that have joined already the server. Steam ID and the date is also saved. This means it is not only an visualisation of the users, it can also be used to add users to the Blacklist or Whitelist.


  1. Add user to Whitelist - Adds the selected user to the Whitelist.
  2. Add user to Blacklist- Adds the selected user to the Blacklist.
  3. Delete UserHistory - Deletes all saved User History Content.

ListView - Server LOG:

The third List View shows the content of the DS Server Log. Some events are colored, this is only for information and to see what is going on.


  1. Save Results from LOG File - Saves the Results of the current Session using the Log File.
  2. Delete Log File - Deletes the Log File and all informations in the List View.

Buttons and Settings

In the lower bar are also some buttons and settings for PCDSG and PCarsDSOverview Window.

Each time The content of the Window is updated it will show the progress. During the update it will not access any Button. Even if you close the Window it will not work. But directly after the update was done it will execute it of close the Window.

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